This is how to make your prepaid customers communicate even though they have no credit.
You will generate more turnover for your company with M.O.R.E, which is effortlessly implemented in your existing system.

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Communication is the new gold.
The telecommunications market belongs to the top selling industries worldwide of our time and is growing to exceed itself as an investment market. The industry deals with mass markets, with large user quantity and very low ‘production costs’ per sold Unit, which greaty contributes to its success.

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We are a successful player in the telecommunication business since 1986. The company JOHNALAN was founded by Manfred Peters in 2005, who is a telecommunication expert. He developed the first E-mail systems for head offices, was a pioneer for building the first private, global text and data communications networks and has been an active Internet systems integrator since the mid 90’s. He invented the Least-Cost Router for private households, advised Deutsche Telekom in international business and developed systems for call centers in connection with seamless information technology. Furthermore, Peters has acted as a system developer and advisor of internationally operating companies in Europe.

Today the company defines itself as an innovative provider in mobile communications and concentrates predominantly on projects within CEM (Customer Experience Management) with LAN, WiFi and GSM, UMTS as well as LTE as carrier media for professional data integration.


John Alan GmbH
Königsalle 60 F
D- 40212 Düsseldorf

Fon: +49 211 293 610 53
Fax: +49 211 936 733 34

United Kingdom
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